Dealing with Home Contaminants that just sneak into your Home


We mentioned cockroaches-and fruit flies a bit when we discussed pesticides on this page. Lots of cockroaches in North Texas. I have only seen one bigger than just a skinny and fast variation o a german cockroach. Author correction. I have now seen some cockroaches that are big and muscular. Horrifyingly so.

This is the guy I see on occasion. It is interesting that I swipped this image from google images from a Fort Worth pest control company.

This is the guy I see on occasion. This just might be a Fort Worth cockroach.  I swiped this image from google images from a Fort Worth pest control company.

These guys are scroungers. They are attracted to food and moisture – including crumbs, cooking grease and plant water. It’s important to remove or tightly cover all food and water, especially at night when they are more active.

You get fewer of them by cleaning up clutter. Cockroaches love clutter. They love stuff to hide under and have babies under. They also love kitchen sink drain pipes where food gets washed into disposal and double sinks where dishes get rinsed off and little food particles wash into drains.

The sink disposal companies provides them those little plastic rain caps in sink drains which are ostensively intended to keep stuff flying up out of the disposal. The separate drain is provided with a nice drain cover just big enough to let the cockroaches in and  out. So there is some fairness in the great peaceful coexistence between the species. Home design helps cockroaches raise a family successfully.

You might have fun chasing cockroaches- keep your hands cleaned and clean up the little corpse bodies, or someone in the house will get hysterical.

There are all kinds of cracks around kitchens and bathrooms. Cracks under countertops where you are not supposed to notice, cracks in the construction of cabinets. If you like to play unfair with cockroaches you can get some cheap caulking and fill all these little joints to give them less cover.

To get rid of cockroaches you can…

Keep the kitchen very clean. Cockroaches are often found around the refrigerator because of food spills and dampness.
Avoid leaving food or water out. Keep food in closed containers. Do not leave water sitting in open containers. Cover any food (including pet food) that will be left overnight.

If you live in an apartment- apartments usually have shared plumbing chases and if your neighbor is messier than you, the cockroach youths with show enterprising spirit and crawl up the pipes and through the air gaps… here you just swear a little at the nieghbor and look under the sink and find all the holes in the plumbing chase and close them up. While you are at it you will find electrical wires coming out of framed walls and …. this might get frustrating. Call the manager. They bring in pest control on a regular basis.

We talked about pesticides earlier. Pesticides are not good for humans either. Maybe you need to go back and reread that section. Sprays fill the air with chemicals and keep cockroaches out of sight for a day until the spray evaporatates and just becomes a part of the air you breathe. Figure on getting a pest control person in if you lose your nerve. These guys use better and safer chemicals that what you buy in a spray can. Use pesticides to kill cockroaches, if necessary. No aerosols recommended.

Seal any cracks around the walls or cabinets where cockroaches can get in.


Fruit Flies

Fruit flies come around when you have fruit that rots, or potatoes in a bag too long. They are small and they get in and then you have these pesky little flies sitting about. They don’t bite. but they are annoying. Don’t let raw fruit rot. Have a system for rotating fruit, eating fruit, watching fruit. No rotting fruit – no fruit flies.

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