Feeling too Hot or too Cold around the House?

Do you have a too hot home office? Maybe a bedroom too hot?  Maybe you have a hot upstairs in summer? Maybe you have a hot and uncomfortable bonus room or add-on, the particular name depending on where you are from and what you call such a thing.

Or is the reverse  true? Are you feeling a chill  during the heating season? These conditions are related and our purpose here is to quickly zero in on the structural and/or mechanical issues at the root of the problem. We need to identify the issues, and find solutions to root problems and not just treat symptoms.

Let break down the Fundamental Issues

There are structural and design issues with your home that determine how well insulated your home is and how much air leaks in and out of your house. Air leaks create unhealthy air. Structural defects can make you miserable, even sick. These issues can be localized. Stuff gets screwed up. Construction people get tired and cut corners. These defects mean areas of your home might lack insulation or have serious defects in the air control layer. We look at the specifics of these issues here.

There might be mechanical issues with your central heating and cooling system. Duct issues are quite common. We need to get a grip on these. There  are a variety of issues which can be acting together to make you uncomfortable. We talk about possible HVAC system defects here.

You need a basic understanding of these fundamental issues, because contractors often leave it to you have provide the perspective. And you will find contractors who do want you know know perspective, and it is important that you get a sense of where they are “coming from”- is that  hippy speak?- and understand that these contractors are not just trying to complicate things and scare you with details to get you buy something.

Too often, your problem is usually filtered through the perspective of the service contractor you talk to. We discuss this propensity here. There are many things to watch out for, so we will try to armour you with facts and perspective. Let’s get started.

Maybe the issue is with the upstairs
Is this issue related to an upstairs? Upstairs are particularly susceptible to issues of too hot because hotter air floats up in cooler denser air, and so the upstairs air is always hotter but there are also structural issues here too.
Maybe being too hot is a personal preference problem?
 Maybe the too hot issue is just one person complaining? Or everyone but the controller of the thermostat is complaining? This might be solved by a zoning solution. We talk about this option here. 

It is good that you did not rush off and call the insulation contractor or the window replacement contractor. In fact, you are very much in the evaluation portion of understanding your particular situation. There is key information you need that will help you put in perspective what makes sense for your home. Here are notes on why a broader perspective can help.

Who are you going to call? Where should you turn for help?

We discuss this at length in our conversation to figure out what kind of professional makes the most sense for you to call if you have a comfort issue. Who Should You Call about a Home Comfort Issue?

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