Have a Hot or Cold Room in Your Home?

Do you have a  hot and uncomfortable room in your home? Maybe a bedroom that is chilly in winter?  Maybe a family member complains about a cold house while you are feeling too warm? This might be just a matter of taste or preference or the types of clothes people wear- there are solutions and we deal with that issue here.

But lets address the variety of issues which can cause comfort problems in a home. Comfort issues are uncomfortable by definition, but they also cost you extra money as you waste energy. It could be lots of money. And you are not really comfortable anyway. Lets look for some answers.

There are many possible issues going on here and we will mention them in general here and deal with each a issue in more detail separately.

By reading through these descriptions, you can figure out which priority list fits better for you. These are key structural issues and, unfortunately, they are pretty much left in your lap as to a strategic view.

Does your home have a structural defect or a problem? Has the home been remodeled? What might have been done to compromise energy efficiency? Does your home allow air infiltration? Is the layout of the house causing you a solar gain that is impacting your comfort? [Our discussion on this aspect of a too hot or too cold house is here.]

Do you have defects in your heating- air conditioning system? Are the ducts leaking? Do you have a system imbalance and a problem with return air? [All these issues are discussed here.]

Hot air rises and depending on the style of construction you have- all other problems removed as possibilities- we need to determine the role of system adjustments to make your home more comfortable. Too hot and too cold issues can also be exacerbated by someone who tends to like things hotter or colder than other members of the house. There are solutions to install or modify mechanical systems that create custom levels of warm and cool in the house. [More information on this subject is here.]

The issues dealing with too hot and too cold are many and need careful evaluation as to the problems and priorities of solutions for your particular house. If you do not get a broad strategic view of the issues involved you can pay sums of money for less than the results you wanted.

Problems can arise from the wrong selection of professional assistance. Each service specialty that comes into your home has a tendency to see and solve your problem through their tool set. ADD LINK – plus they are trying to get work sold and keep up with the business cycle . What we are doing here is complicating the process. This is good for you and your long term interests. This a point of dynamic tension with every service contractor that comes into your home.

You will end up needing the right questions to ask and you will need a good sense of when you are being BSed and finessed. This is critical to your ability to pick out the right specialty to call and the right contractor to hire. LINK TO PICKING OUT THE RIGHT PROFESSIONAL


Feel free to add your thoughts below. We have not exhausted the causes of a hot upstairs or a cold room at all.

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