HVAC Forced Air System Diagram for Orientation

Lets look at all the parts of a split forced air heating and cooling system so we are able to orient ourselves with the many conversations on his website about particular components of the system.


Diagram of a an HVAC system with Vertical placement of air handler and plenum.

I found this. It is not great, but it gives a vertical orientation to the air handler and names critical parts. See text below for different terminology and more orientation.

This diagram shows the basics of a split system which is quite popular in TX.

The Condenser Unit is Outdoors. The air handler is indoors. The refrigerant coolant lines connect the two. These two major components and their internal parts are discussed as part of the components of the heat pump cycle are outlined here.

The system is ducted with supplies lines running out to areas of your home where- usually in Texas the cooling air falls out from above from vents in the ceiling and return air can often return under the door. We discuss discuss ducting and potential issues with ducting here. LINK

Cold air Return Duct is poorly named it is just a return duct where the conditioned air distributed from the supply side of the heating and cooling unit has mixed with air leaking into your home.. Yes, your home leaks lots of air… LINK  and the air coming in when you open the front door or a window… and all this air comes back to the central air handling unit through the return duct. We discuss issues with return ducts here. LINK

Filtration systems are the transition between the return air and the air handler. No one wants dust and pollen and whatever in their house and so the filtration system captures particulates to a particular dimension depending on what type of filtration system you have. We talk about filtration issues here. LINK

The inside fan is an important factor in how efficient your system is, how well it dials in humidity control in your home and just how noisy the whole system is. We discuss fans as critical components you must choose to invest in- here. We also talk about fans as a critical part in the heat pump process your system goes through to make cool air in summer and maybe even hot air in winter.

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