Myths about HVAC You Need to Know

There are many myths about heating and cooling systems which cost homeowner’s undue discomfort and bigger bills. This is not a definitive list. If I missed one, please speak up.

Too much attribution of comfort issues is placed on the air handler or on the A/C itself.

These largest components are just part of the system which delivers properly conditioned air to you in just the right amounts.

In  fact, before you make any major purchases of new components, make sure your HVAC service company is doing proper modeling to best serve you.

Bigger is Better. NOPE

Lots of people see comfort solution through the thought, well I just need more cooling capacity. This is not true. In fact, more can often create more problems. The reasons are simple and we discuss them here.

Structural issues in the home are ignored

Too often, major decisions about the Heating and cooling system are made without any consideration of the structural shell which keeps out air leaks and insulates. The shell of the home is ignored when it plays a critical role in proper heating and cooling system design.

Attention needs to be paid to the structural elements of your home which affect air leaks and insulation levels. The structure impacts your heating and cooling load and impacts the actual size of equipment your home needs and the size of your electric bill.

Nothing is easier that some permanent solutions to defects impacting your home yet, nothing in most HVAC conversations between HVAC service company and homeowner get less attention. Oh, and this is not the time just to add more ceiling insulation

Big Old Iron is saving me money

There are a lot of people sitting around with an old antique heating and air conditioning system more than 10 years old, and thinking they are saving money.

Well you need to run the numbers. Heating and Air conditioning costs come out of your wallet every month, and add to your overall expenses. Old iron drains your wealth while giving you the feeling that you are saving money by not buying that expensive new system.

And old iron is running in ducting systems that has not been checked on over the same too long period of time. Has the home been remodeling in the intervening decades? Ducting issues can impact health of individuals when coupled with issues of air leaks and old iron past its usefulness. Just for the issues with ducts, you need to look at some new options. You can save money and be more comfortable, and feel more refreshed, and someone in the house, who has chronic conditions dealing with sinus issues and allergies jut might feel better.

There is the extra cost of repairs.

Mechanical systems were out and, yes, there is your trusted HVAC service company is your enabler because they are not going to rattle your cage and tell you, you are being silly. HVAC service people are like that. They often give you exactly what you ask for and not try to influence you as to what you need.

You need to do something different here.

You need to feel a sense of urgency.  And the day looms when your system can no longer run on a refrigerant that is no longer legal to sell, so you are being squeezed into a corner. You need to take a big breath and step out of the role of an HVAC reactionary and explore your options and the cost structure of your options. You will save money, and you will be more comfortable, and people in your home will lose symptoms of sickness and allergies and bloody noses…

Feel free to set me straight on any issue here. Also any mythology I missed, please share your thoughts. If you hear something silly about HVAC from the mouth of a human, share it. People are better off when they are dealing with reality not mythology.

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