An Outline for Understanding the Key Issues for Healthy Indoor Air

The discussion about healthy indoor air gets complex and confusing quickly, especially if you are just now approaching the subject. All kinds of claims- all kinds of offers and all kinds of confusing information- even on this website.

This is intended as a roadmap for understanding the key issues which impact your indoor air.

Moisture issues are a key here.

  • North Texas is quite humid- check out our climate zone
  • your home leaks air – leaking air makes your home humid – perspective here.
  • air leaks are not healthy for several reasons
  • Does something not feel right or smell right in your home – tracking through symptoms
  • your structural shell and your mechanical system work together to make you comfortable and give you healthy air – lets make sure these are working properly.
  • water leaks into or water leaking out of plumbing can create serious mold infestations – lets do what we can to minimize these.
  • your fan systems must be handling the big moisture generators in your  home- bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms – effectively
  • excess humidity supports a horde of biological contaminants in your house – very low humidity can be a trigger for asthma and allergens.
  • controlling humidity in a narrow optimal range is a good thing
  • however, we carry in contaminants, we buy contaminants – we really do need to take a wide assessment of the contaminants in our house… for perspective.
  • airborne contaminants are something to assess in a discuss of clean indoor air
  • Then we need to look at where your indoor air comes from and the ramifications of that for you
  • the air we breathe also contains all the pollutants in the outside air – we discuss the implications of that here, and then discuss the option of active ventilation in your home which is the purposeful  addition of filtered outside air to freshen the indoor air and exhaust the stall air and odors in the house.

As you go down through this list, you will find you have an assending scale of tools and the ability to commit to cleaner and healthier air. This will be determined by you and the condition of the air in your home. You would not have found this page unless you have an issue you are concerned about.

One final note, their are fundamental actions that every homeowner should undertake in this list for everyone’s health and the structural health of your home.

However, if you or a family member have issues with allergens, make sure you see a board certified allergist to make sure you know what your kin folk are reacting to. You need a critical path to understanding what is happening and a critical path to solutions. You do not need the aggravation of poking down dead ends.

Feel free to leave your comments or questions below.

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