Lets Test not Guess

Energy Efficient Homes not only save energy but they make you more comfortable and make your air healthier.

But we need to use building science to evaluate home improvements to invest in rather than listen to sales people tell us what we need. We must be careful that we understand the fundamentals factors that relate to energy efficiency and not get caught up in treating symptoms. Mustiness is a symptom of humidity and moisture problems. Treating the symptom would be to go buy a super duper dehumidifier with triple wingnut design. Treating the fundamentals would be to track down what is causing the moisture and humidity problem, solve that and then make system adjustments as necessary to bring the humidity level into optimum range.

[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Are we getting ahead of ourselves here? Are you still trying to get a feel for whether you an issue at all?” bwidth=”2″]We look at too hot too cold issues here. These issuescan be complex- with comfort issues isolated to particular parts of the house.  We can also have a sense of an issue with our nose. Does something not feel right not smell right?

This site has a lot of information on it. It is also intended to help you find information easily. If something about this website is not working for you, let us know. Our passion here is helping Texas homeowners get the key information they need to make smart buying decisions. If that is not working we want to know.[/stextbox]

But grasping the fundamentals requires accurate measurement of the existing conditions. Now we can have an adventure in the attic to get a sense of the size of our home’s issues with fundamentals, but in the end…

We do not want to be guessing, we do not want to be making supposition… we need data generated by the best practices of the energy auditing profession so you can make smart investments that work, that pay off and add value to your home.

You can get as much help as you need from an energy auditor. Does an energy audit make sense for you? What can an energy auditor do for you? This document is intended as a description of what an auditor does, the information you receive from them and how you can use this information to make your home energy efficient, more comfortable and the indoor air safer.

From this main document about the energy audit, the links lead to more details about the actual testing process, and the sophisticated tools involved.

There is also a discussion of what kind of a professional you might want to call. You have two choices- you can start with an energy auditor and add the service company and the HVAC servcie technician later, or start with the right HVAC service company. This is a complex story with many options depending on how you see things and whom you trust. We carry on that discussion- which professional should you call to help with a comfort problem-  here. 

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