Strategies to Deal with a Pollen Allergy

How many pollen allergy sufferers do we have in North Texas? Have you ever spent time at the drugstore trying to read labels with runny eyes and a stuffed up nose? the Dallas Fort Worth area has a big pollen problem.

We had a record setting season in 2014 with Cedar pollen this year in North Texas. This was the big news talked about after the pollen had struck and thousands of people were inundated with allergens.

What if we were able to anticipate this kind of issue? What if we were able to prepare our home to be resistant to penetration by pollen. What if we had a plan and knew when the pollen that impacts us was intense and we had a 3 pronged plan to deal with it. Know when to avoid the biggest blooms, knew how to keep it from invading the house, and had the proper medication on hand when you body started suggesting you were about to have an issue.

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Are you suffering from a cold or are you experiencing an allergy? What does the reports say about pollen? There was lots of pollen problems in 2014 in North Texas, and it made major news locally, but there are lots of pollens around, and so maybe your discomfort is a pollen allergen.

We all have to gain experience with an allergy to understand what it is.

What is unique about right now? What has changed in your life? Have you moved from somewhere else?  Maybe your body has changed with age and  mixed with a huge inundation made pollen a big deal this year. Or maybe you have had a minor reaction in past years, and you just rather ignored it and this year you are being ravaged.

So lets make sure we understand the key differences between an allergen response and just being sick. You have to be able to identify allergies from common illness. The common cold should only last a couple of weeks. If you have a fever and things progress through a nasty discolored discharge out the nose- these are the symptoms of the common cold.

However if the symptoms lasts for month and the symptoms wax and wane and your eyes are ichy and red and your nose itches more than the two week time frame for the common cold, well you probably have an allergy.

The symptoms can be quite broad. Your ears can be affected- pain and pressure- and our hearing can suffer. You can feel dizzy. You can have difficulty breathing. You can suddenly be accused of snoring  Your sleep can be disturbed. You can feel pressure in your sinuses and suffer from frequent headaches. [/stextbox]

It makes sense to have a relationship with a board certified allergist and know what your body experience as allergens and focus on actual information rather than listen to commercials- share experiences with the other shoppers in the store aisle and take advice from people on social media. We are unique creatures, and we have our unique sensitives.

We can work to keep the pollen from entering the house. We deal with two aspects of this when we talk about keeping contaminants out of the house.  How to keep them from invading and how to limit us and our pets bringing them into the house, and letting the pollen fly inside. You can find your own plan of action to keep the pollen count in your area of earth below your inundation level as much as possible.

We talk about how to keep airborne contaminants out of your home here and these include pollen. There are structural issues to deal with and mechanical issues to consider than then it comes down to systems to keep ou separated from the inundation of your system from the impact of pollen allergens. It takes planning and execution. Again, that document is here.

Then you can become knowledgeable in pollen types and weather reports and understand how daily pollen counts will impact you. You can plan accordingly.

2014 was a big year in pollen in North Texas in 2014. While many figured out there were big issues, by being assaulted by pollen and running off the the pharmacy for a solution- you can know your issue, you can follow the actual pollens counts and not the nightly news talking about pollen sufferers and be out front and not be inundated.

You can understand  when the pollen is flying and keep the windows closed and when we venture out know that we can stay stay out of the grassy meadow when the grass pollens fly and keep out of the park when the tree pollen is flying.

If you have a plan of action to deal with allergies from year to year- you will suffer less and feel more in control than if you let the problem inundate you and then start struggling back for equilibrium and relief. That is really easily said. It is much easier to do.

Do you have an experience to share? A thought to add. Add it below.


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