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discussion around air leaks- where the leaks are and what are the healthy home, energy losing, and comfort considerations in relation to air leaks.

Would You Like 3″ of Insulation with that?

I think everybody has experienced an upsell. Upselling is a time tested way to increase the size of the sale. And don’t we all love french fries. However, an upsell on insulation just might not be what you need. We

Big Winds Make More Air Leaks and Why You Should Care

October 14, 2014  Yesterday was another big wind  day in North Texas. Electrical services out in some areas. Broken branches joining the broken branches left over from the big winds last week. If you were out on a walk yesterday,

When should you be calling your HVAC Service Company?

As I write this- It is August and not the right time to call the HVAC service company. If you are calling now, something is broken and you likely have a shortage of cool air being generated. I hope you

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