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a discussion around all the various factors that impact energy efficiency in your home. This is a no BS zone. All discussions here are based on building science- not sales based happy talk.

HVAC Electric Motors Matter to your Comfort and your Wallet. Here is why.

Motors in HVAC components have a direct bearing on your comfort and on how much you pay for heating and cooling. Therefore, it is essential that you know a little something about these types of motors. We will concentrate in

Obsolescence is Stalking Your Home – How to make it Go Away

We all need to consider  the concept of obsolescence in our homes. Obsolescence is when our home is out of date by design or layout from where the market has moved. Indoor plumbing was a big market shifting point. Central

5 Good Reasons you need to Invest in your Home now.

Are you procrastinating about investing to solve a problem with your home? Are you waiting to make a home improvement that you would enjoy? Here are 5 good reasons not to wait. But first, let’s clarify that we are sure what we want

Thinking of doing some Remodeling? Lets think more deeply

Thinking about remodeling but keeping it modest to keep the budget as small as possible? Wishing you could remodel and make substantial changes; but you feel it just does not fit financially? Well, lets think about this in a wider

A Cold Day to Remember

This is a cold day to remember. January 8, 2015. Or is it just the temperature of my own bum that is causing my reaction? This is a great day to remember how well your home saves energy. Usually, talk

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