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discussions relating to maintaining a healthy home based on building science and common sense.

Is Excessive Back Pressure an issue with your Heating and Cooling System?

Is your heating and cooling system operating under too much internal static pressure? IS there too much air resistance through the system. It might be impacting your comfort right now. It might also be damaging your system and causing issues

Any hints of musty odor coming from your cooling ducts?

Have you recently turned on your air conditioner in your home and noticed a musty or moldy smell?  So North Texas has a cooling season and a heating system, and these can be months apart or even in the same

5 Good Reasons you need to Invest in your Home now.

Are you procrastinating about investing to solve a problem with your home? Are you waiting to make a home improvement that you would enjoy? Here are 5 good reasons not to wait. But first, let’s clarify that we are sure what we want

Big Winds Make More Air Leaks and Why You Should Care

October 14, 2014  Yesterday was another big wind  day in North Texas. Electrical services out in some areas. Broken branches joining the broken branches left over from the big winds last week. If you were out on a walk yesterday,

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