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Ideas to make home more fun, more comfortable and more beautiful.

WOW – Design Your House by App

I saw a TV commercial where you could just put windows into your house like building blocks! Just thumb through your options.  How fun!  Have fun playing with the new remodel your house app but When you get ready to buy,

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Make Sure You Are Not Being Someones Muppet

Muppets have been in the news lately and not always in a funny,  happy way. While the new Muppet movie DVD will be released the 20th of March, I am referring to Greg Smith’s article in the New York Times

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The Story of the Crooked House

Be forewarned. Some of you have come from states with powerful consumer protection laws. This is Texas. Powerful interests have a powerful influence on state government. Also, this is the wild west. You must learn to rely on your own

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