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Collection of Strategies and tactics to save energy and save money at home.

When was the Last Time you saw your HVAC filters?

Air filters in your heating and air conditioner system are easy to forget. When is the last time you have seen them? Air filters, depending on the MERV rating which fits more into a discussion of how well you want

HVAC Electric Motors Matter to your Comfort and your Wallet. Here is why.

Motors in HVAC components have a direct bearing on your comfort and on how much you pay for heating and cooling. Therefore, it is essential that you know a little something about these types of motors. We will concentrate in

Are You Paying Proper Attention to Your Condenser Unit

Condenser coils play a critical role in your air conditioner’s cooling system. Yet they are fraught with risk. We need to pay attention to our condenser coils. Let’s take a closer look. Literally. Have you seen your condenser lately? Is

How long has it been since your Combustion chamber has been inspected?

The days are still warm when this was written, but what is critical is the date you read this. Do you use natural gas or propane to heat your home? Fall is coming, and this means you should be hearing

Myths about HVAC You Need to Know

There are many myths about heating and cooling systems which cost homeowner’s undue discomfort and bigger bills. This is not a definitive list. If I missed one, please speak up. Too much attribution of comfort issues is placed on the

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