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Using scientific processes and verifiable projects to save energy and save money in homes.

Would You Like 3″ of Insulation with that?

I think everybody has experienced an upsell. Upselling is a time tested way to increase the size of the sale. And don’t we all love french fries. However, an upsell on insulation just might not be what you need. We

Climate Zone Information for North Texas

This website discusses home comfort issues as they relate to Texans living in North Texas. See the map below for a general geographic grounding. We are discussing zone 3 on this website. This climate zone is considered warm and mild in

Low Price Thinking Can Be Really Expensive

I am a technical nerd in another part of my life. I review analytical data for clients on occasion. Last week I saw a search query for “Mexican to build brick mailbox”  Now you never really know what the intention of a

What Type of Structural Home Problem is Hiding from You?

What kind of structural issues have surprised you as a homeowner?. Have you been hit by some unexpected bills for water damage? Homes cost you money for energy and structural upkeep. Homes with structural problems affect your family wealth now and

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Have a Hot or Cold Room in Your Home?

Do you have a  hot and uncomfortable room in your home? Maybe a bedroom that is chilly in winter?  Maybe a family member complains about a cold house while you are feeling too warm? This might be just a matter

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