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Collection of Strategies and tactics to save energy and save money at home.

How do you parse your relationship between an energy auditor and a AC service company? 

This is an excellent question. This is a tumultuous time in the HVAC service industry. For decades, and in the minds of many homeowners today, a variety of traditional myths dictated suspect solutions to home comfort issues. Make sure you

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Climate Zone Information for North Texas

This website discusses home comfort issues as they relate to Texans living in North Texas. See the map below for a general geographic grounding. We are discussing zone 3 on this website. This climate zone is considered warm and mild in

We can Learn a Valuable Lesson from a Simple Supply Register

You have probably seen these before. Look up at the ceiling and you will see these. You know them as HVAC supply system register sor as a supply grill. There are two pictures here because this one has a problem

Is this Gap typical of your return air duct system?

Yes, this is a silly picture. Almost impossible to make out what it is supposed to be. Yet the subject here is really important to the fundamental performance of your HVAC system in your home. This is , functionally, a return

Somewhere in North Texas an HVAC Condensate Drain line is Clogged

  Let’s make sure this HVAC condensate drain issue does not happen to you. Let’s catch it immediately, if it is yours. Let’s take a minute to orient ourselves. Air Conditioners cool your home by extracting heat out of the air flowing

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