Your Home Is Unique. You Need Facts.

You need accurate information on your home not a collection of conventional wisdom.

Your home is unique. People put your home together in a unique way- even if your home is a production home. What did they miss? What did they get right? Homes are not space shuttles. Stuff gets done that is covered up with brick- with housewrap. How your home leaks air-  how moisture might leak into it- are unique.

Your home has unique challenges that you may or may not understand. Your particular home- when you wonder how much energy your home might waste- when you wonder what defect might be damaging your home-  has exclusive clues as to what might be happening.

Your home also has broad visible clues as to where these unique challenges might be lurking. So many homes have designs pulled from who knows where,  that do not in any way reflect what makes sense from a structural point of view to get done what needs doing.

Does that make sense?  It might sound a little contradictory.  Lets go for a rewrite. Each home is a creation of the whims of the people who on a particular day were in a mood to do a good job or just get it done- when a particular building challenge came upon them inherent to the design of the home.

Your home either had the conscientious worker that day- or someone being pushed to finish up.  The design of that particular part of your home- we are concentrating on the critical structural parts which either shed moisture, keep out air leaks or fail to do so – are either well designed from a structural viewpoint and can handle average construction skills and attention to detail or are susceptible to mediocre construction techniques. Defective designs are common and found on many homes. They stick out like crooked noses in the eyes of professionals.

So what should you do? What do you need to know? We will discuss these issues in the blog.  But for right now- let’s just stick with some broad pointers to keep you out of more trouble.

There are some critical things you can do to help prevent these kinds of problems. But first lets cover some things to avoid.

So much of the information you read is conventional wisdom and rule of thumb.  American home owners need more accurate- more comprehensive information to act on. Americans can save billions of dollars a year,  in avoided maintenance costs- in costs for energy that went to waste- if they had and acted on more useful information. I pulled that number out of thin air but it is true. It doesn’t mean your home- for sure- but in the grand scheme of how the work of homes works, it is actually a conservative estimate. It is like a lottery ticket where you bought in when you bought your house.  Your position in the lottery depends on your unique situation with your home.

Can you save significant energy in your home? Saving Energy for your home is a highly complex issue. While you can read 15 articles tomorrow advising you to get out your caulk gun and caulk around the front door or your windows- this might be totally insignificant to your situation. You can actually screw up drainage around windows and over your siding by putting caulking where it does not belong.

Get the Facts on Your Home – Know What Counts

Has your home been remodeled? When was your home built? Do you experience areas of hot in summer or cold in winter? Do you have a problem with mustiness or bad odors. Do the members of your home have a lot of problems with allergies or nose bleeds?

How well are your home and windows situated to the sun? How good a job did your builder do when it was built? Were there defects built in from day one? Many cut up roof designs are a moisture problem waiting to happen.

Your home has unique challenges. Bottom line, beware conventional wisdom. You need to know about your home and make sure solutions offered to you relate to your home and not the magical properties of any particular product.

Save money and prevent problems by getting help from dedicated professionals.

There is no definitive way for you to discover the unique strengths and weaknesses of your home without the help of qualified professionals. Professionals who specialize in home energy evaluation not professional sales people. Professionals who specialize in solving problems in homes not companies that pitch products. Lets carry on this discussion further.

You will know you have spent too much time on this site when you get tired of me telling you to be wary of special products and piecemeal services to help your home save energy. But it is true. You have to watch out diligently for people hawking hollow solutions to make a buck.

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